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Goal Setting and Institutional Change

I've been thinking about institutional change a lot lately. As I move into my new role as the Coordinator of General Education at Plymouth State University, I've been thinking about the ways in which policies, procedures, and seemingly small decisions support or inhibit reaching institutional goals. I teach a Gen Ed class called Creating Games. The…

Why We Need the #IndieWeb: A Short History

Back in 1993, as a young computer science graduate student, I created my first web page. To do so, I had to learn a new language, HyperText Markup Language (html), which was pretty easy for me as someone who had been programming in Cobol, PL/I, C, Basic, and so on, since high school. My web…


I loved the first half of this movie. Then it takes a strange turn. The big reveal near the end of the movie felt like a cop out. Charlize Theron is wonderful in the role of the mother, however. I also really like Mackenzie Davis who plays Tully. With Ann.   [yasr_overall_rating]

Lean On Pete

Supposedly about a race horse but really about a boy born into tough circumstances and his journey toward safety. Charlie Plummer is great as Charlie. Very sad, but realistic movie with a subtle but kind of happy ending. With Ann, Pat, and Al.   [yasr_overall_rating]

IndieWeb Overview

I wrote last week that I learned a lot about the IndieWeb from @jgmac1106 (Greg McVerry). Because I was just getting started, Greg wanted to interview me about the IndieWeb onboarding process (which you can hear here). In the interview, I talked about the challenge of developing a mental map of the IndieWeb and all of its…

The New Education

I recently read The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University and Prepare Students For a World in Flux by Cathy N. Davidson. Davidson has long been an academic hero of mine for, among her many accomplishments, co-founding of HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory), a community of folks interested in "changing…

Surveillance Capitalism and IndieWeb

I've been thinking a lot about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook controversy lately. In light of the revelations about how Facebook has used our data and allowed others to use our data, movements to #DeleteFacebook, #LeaveFacebook, #QuitFacebook, and #DumpFacebook have started. Some have pointed out that it isn't particularly easy to leave Facebook. Others have pointed out…


Wicked Problems April 27th, 2018, 12:30 to 1:30 at HUB Hage Room Rachelle Lyons and I will be presenting a workshop on wicked problems for anyone interested in the topic. This will be especially interesting for First Year Seminar instructors. Additional details can be found here.

PCA 2018

I went to the Popular Culture Association Conference last week.  My presentation was called Wicked Problems in Popular Culture: An Open Pedagogy Experiment in Engagement in which I talked about my experience with the First Year Seminar. Although it doesn't include everything I said during my presentation, you can see my slide deck here: Presentation.

Students’ Signature Work: Conference Debrief

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and the Davis Educational Foundation sponsored a one day institute in Boston this weekend for institutions of higher education who want to learn more about "signature work." What is signature work? Here's what AAC&U says: In Signature Work, a student uses his or her cumulative learning to…